The Texas System of Care is a state collaboration designed to create a network of community-based services and supports to improve the lives of children and youth with mental conditions.

When you hear the words “mental health” what thoughts come to mind? How do you talk about your own mental health? Do you even talk about it at all? Many young people struggle with this subject at times. Drop The Stigma is a campaigned designed by and for youth of color. It seeks to make starting conversation about mental health easier. It’s likely that you or one of your friends have gone through tough times or may be struggling now. If so, reaching out to a family member, teacher, or friend is a great first step to turning things around. It’s time to talk about mental health.

We hope that Drop The Stigma speaks to those who may be struggling and to others who want to help. If you are interested in bringing Drop The Stigma to your community, please contact